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An academic's life: Week 3 In the absence of social media

Here comes the story of my wok life balance. It is now one week that I have not posted on social media after 10 pm and life is going smoothly. As part of my work life balance, I also do not check and respond to emails from Friday 4 p till Monday 10 am. Though there are instances where it happened that I was looking for a recipe on ipad and read some emails in fact also respond to a couple.

I have definitely no withdrawal symptoms and the next step is to get rid of the paper based junk in my office and at home ( that's what a PhD does).

On appositive note have finished an advance course on Rasch measurement and am in the state of mind where all ideas are flowing through but I do not want to add more papers in the list of 17 that I have to complete.

Have also started working on a paper out of the project that I completed with another colleague Dr. Lena Lemonoski who resigned at the end of last year. That would be my gift to her.

My project #mentoringwithoutborders is increasingly becoming difficult to manage as I am currently receiving emails form five or six resources and am missing out on some which are not posted in due time but generally feedback is positive. The best thing that has happened is the functionality of LinkedIn where I only have to make one post and it automatically uploads on my twitter account as well as facebook i.e. what we called 3 in one.

At the MD level, have started releasing feedback to my MD students on their portfolios and have been part of a half day forum on OSCE and sequential assessment.

Tonight I also plan to submit a grant for my not for profit group if at all possible and finished another review of a paper.

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