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This is the first year that when University closed for Christmas break on 22nd Dec, I did not try to respond to emails and stay away from work as much as I can do. Today is the first day at work and I plan to write what I accomplish every day so at the end of the year, I can look at my own journey and look back.

What I plan to complete this year is this long list of papers that I have to write.

As today was the first day so of course, spent almost four hours to respond to all the emails.

Completed admission process for one PhD student, contact another one to know what's the plan.

Had a meeting with my team member to see progress on workshop for 8th Feb.

A Facebook chat with a partner in a research project to address the issue of domestic violence among communities from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Deadline 8th Jan so have to be quick. Submitted one progress report to Research Ethics Committee and responded to comment on Linkedin. That reminded me of the colleagues that have left UWA since I joined in 2005.

Will end the day with a review of paper received. Perhaps one paper per month will not be that ambitious target but then I have leave from 22nd till 4th Feb as well. Let's see what the new year brings. A very happy new year.

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