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Its Time to Go

Every year December starts with the cleaning tasks and to get rid of what you want not.

This year I am getting rid of all the CDS that I have, as I now survive on clouds.

Have gone through several sites about recycling CDS, perhaps the fate of all of them will be hanging through wind chimes. Anyone who is thinking of buying gifts for me the request is for paints that can be used on these CDS.

It has been a great journey anyway from those 4 inch floppy disks to compact disks and now CDS, not to mention the audio cassettes and video cassettes. The difference between two lots is that the audio and video cassettes were purely for entertainment purposes while with the other lot it will be losing a part of me as an academic. All the backups form CPSP, HEC, AKU with many fond memories are ready to be recycled in a painless death on clouds. Perhaps in the words of Ahmed Nadeem Qasimi "kaun kehta hai keh maut aai to mar jaaonga, Mein to darya hun, Samandar mein utar Jaoonga"

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