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MEDICAL HUMANITIES through a different lens published 2024. 



PEERS LEARNING TOGETHER: A Community of Practice to support faculty development in Assessment and Feedback. Funded through VinUniversity Excellence in Teaching Grant.

PROFESSIONALISM ZONE: Funded through VinUniversity Teaching Innovation Grant.

ASSESSMENT & FEEDBACK: A Community of Practice funded through UWA Teaching and Learning Grant.


EnEx: A Project to enhance the research capacity of students at UWA



Siddiqui ZS, Celenza A. Supporting Learning in Medicine through Virtual Reality.

O'Halloran M, Hamdorf JM, Siddiqui ZS. Simulation in Oral Surgery.



Hay I, Nuessler S, O'Grady G, Miller A, Fisher M, Kirby M, Siddiqui ZS.  E-Portfolios, the unintended consequences: a mixed methods study at five universities in Australia


Siddiqui ZS, Celenza A: Transition of medical students as evidenced through their reflections in the longitudinal portfolio.


Siddiqui ZS, Celenza A: MD Portfolio: a preliminary analysis of the activities undertaken by students across six themes.


Amerjee M, Siddiqui ZS: A comparison of Standard Setting methods in an integrated written examination. Masters by Research Project Completed Oct 2019


Wijesinghe R, Siddiqui ZS: The Learning Journey: Assessing reflections in the MD Course. Masters by Research Project Completed Oct 2017

Zeb H, Siddiqui ZS: Assessing the learning environment in the Departments of Anaesthesia in Pakistan. Masters by Research Project Completed Dec 2016

Fatima F, Siddiqui ZS: Investigating learning styles of medical students across two institutions in Pakistan. Completed Oct 2017

Hatch J, Siddiqui ZS: Investigating Educational Opportunities for prevocational doctors in Surgery. Completed Oct 2014


A biennial magazine for the beginners in health professions education created by my students as part of their summative project.

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