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Book Chapters

1. Siddiqui, Z.S., Thanh, D,N,D,. (2024). Health Promotion through Social Media: A review of guidelines. (In progress)


1. Siddiqui, Z.S., Anh, N.L.M. (2023). Embedding Social Medicine in the Health Professions Curriculum. In: Liamputtong, P. (eds) Handbook of Social Sciences and Global Public Health. Springer, Cham.

2. Siddiqui ZS (2018) The Research Journey in Scientific Writing: A Guide to the Art of Medical Writing and Scientific Publishing. Professional Medical Publications, Pakistan, ISBN = 978-969-8219-22-2. p 31 - 38.


3.. Siddiqui ZS, Jonas- Dwyer D. (2013) Mobile learning in Health Professions Education in Pedagogical Application and Social Effects of Mobile Technology Integration. IGI Global, Hershey.


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5. Siddiqui ZS (2008) Creativity in Higher Education.  Quality Assurance in Higher Education: Challenges and Practices, Punjab University Higher Education Commission Pakistan, ISBN=9789699011054 pages 147 – 156.


6. Siddiqui ZS (2008) Professional development of academics: a need assessment In Quality Assurance in Higher Education: a global perspective, Islamabad, Pakistan, Higher Education Commission Pakistan, ISBN=978-969-417-1 pages 107 – 114.


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