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New Year's Resolution: Gone with the wind

So I decided to continue with my blog 'academic's life'every day this year but was unable to do so. The reason, getting things ready for the new students as well as continuing students in addition to annual leave. Hence, I have now decided to resolve that the blog will be weekly and see how it goes. What I learnt was that do we give students the same opportunities? So many academics are using reflective writing and many do ask students to write weekly /daily reflections. How do students manage that ?

On a separate note, the academic's life has ups and downs during last few weeks. One article submitted as well as one grant application through university. Three more grants submitted through the not for profit group Pakistanis in Australia. ( one has been unsuccessful what we call is rejected).

One letter written for a journal got rejected. and then finishing on a positive note, have reviewed the proof of a chapter that I have written and will be published soon while another of my student has received feedback on her thesis and has passed with minor revision. Still receiving feedback on my contribution to the CONVERSATIONS about getting rid of supplementary examinations.

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